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Project 6
Extension with New Kitchen

This was an interesting and very challenging project, but was completed successfully and on time, thanks largely to an effective combination of architect, builder and understanding client.

The specification called for a construction to fill in the gap between the main house and the original detached garage. Taking into account all the various shapes involved, differences in elevation and aspect, and the need to match architectural styles and materials as closely as possible, this project had the potential to be awkward. Nevertheless, thanks to some imaginative work by Stribling & Partners of Eton, and considerable attention to detail, the whole building came together in a cohesive and attractive way that delighted the client and resulted in a building of character and style.

The internal ceiling was vaulted and this, allied with the windows looking out over the garden, give a wonderful feeling of light and space. All the joinery, windows, doors and mouldings had to be specially made for this project, because anything 'off the shelf' simply would not have looked right.