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The range of projects undertaken by Oak Leaf Building Services varies from straightforward renovation and maintenance work, through to major refurbishment, extensions and new builds. Six typical projects are featured here, with photographs and a brief description of the work involved. Simply click on the panel on the left, or cycle through the projects using the next> and <back buttons.

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Project 1
Double-Storey Extension
Garden Flat & Front Porch

This project was completed in three successive phases and involved the contruction of a two-storey extension comprising ground-floor kitchen with bedroom above, a ground-floor garden flat, and the addition of a substantial porch to the front of the property.

Red brick was used throughout, carefully sourced to match as closely as possible the original fabric of the house.

Not only did Oak Leaf carry out construction of the shell to all elements of the project, but saw completion through as far as final finishing and decoration.